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How to identify the quality of silicone sealant?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-07-13 10:02:22

Silicone sealant is a very widely used building material. Many users do not know how to discriminate when choosing silicone sealants. Today, JCT machines are taught to teach you.

1、smell (suitable for acid glue): acid gum, which contains acetic acid, produces an acid flavor in the process of volatilization, but generally the better the quality of the gel, the lighter the sour taste, the stronger the quality of the rubber acid (because of the more acetic acid added); and the good quality of the adhesive will quickly disappear during the curing process. The bad quality and the bad quality of the gum will evaporate much longer.

2、lustre: the gloss of different quality glue is different, high quality glue is strong no matter what color curing, low quality glue has no luster, some is lost gloss after one or two months curing.

3、Check particle: high quality glass glue is a chemical synthetic material that is fully and evenly stirred. Its texture is fine and even. It is smooth, glossy and glossy after sizing. The worse the quality of the glass glue, the more particles and impurities can be seen. After the sizing, the surface of the adhesive strip is not smooth and smooth than that of the good quality glue.

silicone sealant

4、look at the bubble: the main component of high quality glass glue is silicone, the other added material is very small, the good stability of pure silicone is very little influenced by the external conditions during the storage period, and it will not produce the phenomenon of "snap" and "snap" bubble sound when the glue is mixed into the air in the bottle. But the ordinary quality silicone rubber glue is not 100% silicone glue, the additives in silica gel and the PE soft glue of the glue bottle may produce chemical reaction, make the glue bottle swollen and increase, the space of the retained air infiltrates the glue to make the gap, and makes the sound of "snap, snap" bubble when playing glue, so the shelf life is shortened. What's more, a few manufacturers deliberately set the bottom cover at the bottom of the bottle when loading glue, and there is air in the bottle, which greatly reduces the amount of packing, and it is inevitable that the natural rubber has bubbles.

5、Test curing effect: after the local sizing, the user should first combine the description of the product packaging to see the dry time of the glass glue. If the time is too short or overtime, it shows that the quality of the glass glue is a problem (of course, the influence of the environmental conditions should also be taken into account); and then the curing time should be completed. It should be noted) the hardness and elasticity of the glue, too hard or too soft glue is not good glue; then the section of the glue can be cut to check the consistency of the curing effect inside and outside the glue.

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