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Do you know the usual specifications for vacuum kneader?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-07-14 11:00:50

NHZ series vacuum kneading machine is mainly used for vacuum pumping, improve a kneader material purity and vacuum systems.

The main function of the equipment is to knead, cut and mix the cylinder material by a pair of cooperated blades, so as to achieve the dispersing and mixing process, or to achieve the effect of the polymerization. The following main description of the common specifications of the vacuum kneading machine.

The kneading machine of NHZ series can be made into three kinds: vacuum, pressure and atmospheric pressure. The size of the model is different from 5L-3000L. The heating and cooling structure includes the jacket and the outer half pipe. The heating and cooling methods include steam, heat conduction oil, hot water, water cooling and so on.


Generally speaking, the kneading machine has hydraulic dumping, dumping, ball valve discharge, screw extrusion and so on. Various safety, measurement and control records can be installed on the kneading machine. The contact parts of the mixing cylinder and the material are made of stainless steel to ensure the purity of the products. The shaft seal of the kneader adopts a vacuum box balance structure to ensure the shaft seal and effectively prevent the filler wear from entering the cylinder and ensuring the quality of the material.

Several specifications of vacuum kneading machine:

1. kneader usually produces strong shear, extrusion and agitation from two Z blades with different rotational speeds, so that the viscous material can be mixed quickly and evenly.

2. kneading machine can be made into ordinary, pressure, vacuum box type, and the vacuum box balance structure of the kneader is our unique design, 100% import, quality assurance.

3. the kneading machine temperature regulation adopts heat conduction oil heating, steam, water cooling and so on.

4. the kneading machine discharging way includes hydraulic turning over, dumping of bottom ball valve, screw extrusion, etc.

5. kneading machine usually adopts fixed speed design, and can also be designed as frequency converter according to customer requirements.

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