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How to install a new reactor?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-05 11:07:31

Reactor is a common chemical equipment, which can be widely used to produce paint, ink, glue, resin and other products. Do you know how to install the newly bought reactor?

(1) The newly purchased reactor shall be installed in the high-pressure operating room which meets the explosion-proof requirements. When equipped with multiple reactor, it shall be placed separately. Safe explosion-proof walls shall be applied between each two reactor. Each operating room shall have access and exit to the outside. When explosive medium exists, good ventilation shall be ensured.


(2) After opening the package, check whether the equipment is damaged or not. Install the equipment according to the type of the equipment according to the structure chart, and check the fittings according to the packing list. If heating mode is electric heating of heat conducting oil, please purchase the corresponding type of heat conducting oil according to the use temperature (note: heat conducting oil is absolutely not allowed to contain moisture) and add it. When joining, open the upper filling port of the jacket and the upper and middle filling port of the jacket. When filling the oil through the filling port, you can flow into the waiting position port. Screw up the oil level, do not twist the oil port to avoid any pressure.


(3) The body and cover of the kettle are contacted by gasket or conical surface with arc surface, and they are tightened to achieve good sealing effect by tightening the main nuts. When tightening the nuts, they must be tightened diagonally symmetrically and steadily for many times, and the force is even. The cover of the kettle is not allowed to tilt to one side, so as to achieve good sealing effect. Nuts should not exceed the prescribed tightening torque of 40-120 N.M. In order to prevent the sealing surface from being crushed or worn out by overload, the sealing surface should be taken special care of. Before each installation, the upper and lower sealing surfaces should be wiped clean with softer paper or cloth, and special attention should be paid not to bumping the kettle body and the sealing surface of the kettle lid into scars. If reasonable operation can make it possible. If the sealing surface is damaged more than ten thousand times, it needs to be repaired to achieve good sealing performance. When the cover is removed, the top and bottom of the cover should be raised slowly to prevent the collision of the sealing surface between the body of the kettle and the cover. If gasket seal is used (tetrafluoroethylene, aluminium, copper, asbestos, etc.), good sealing effect can be achieved by tightening the main nut.

(4) The installation of valves, pressure gauges and safety valves achieves sealing effect by tightening the positive and negative nuts. The arc sealing surface at both ends of the connection shall not rotate relatively. All screw joints shall be coated with graphite mixed with lubricant or oil in order to avoid biting. Use of valves: needle-shaped valve tie-line seal, only need to gently turn the needle, compact the cover can achieve good sealing performance, prohibit excessive force, in order to avoid damage to the sealing surface.

(5) After the equipment is installed, a certain amount of nitrogen gas is put in to keep pressure for 30 minutes to check whether there is leakage. If there is leakage, please use soap foam to find the leakage point of pipeline and pipe mouth. After finding out, release the gas and tighten it, and then put in the nitrogen gas holding pressure test again to ensure that no leakage begins to work normally.

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