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Shock! Hot melt glue hidden in life

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-03-30 16:04:22
hot melt glue

Do you know? In our daily lives, the products that hot melt adhesives use are really everywhere.

Hot melt adhesive stick has advantages of high strength, aging resistance, no poison, good thermal stability, etc. It can be used in wood, plastics, fibers, fabrics, metal, furniture, lampshades, leather, handicrafts, toy electronics, electrical components, paper products. Ceramics, pearl cotton packaging and other sticky solids, can generally be used for factories and families.


With some examples, you will understand that most of the packing and binding of books, foods, beverages, instant noodles, cigarettes, beer, medicine, and other packaging and sealing are done using hot melt gluing machines. There are also band-aids, sticky notes, feminine sanitary napkins, children's diapers, mattress mattresses, and elderly incontinence products that are made of hot-melt adhesives.

jacket reactor

Which machine made hot melt glue? The form of the hot melt adhesive is usually a block, a powder or a strip. JCT provides hot melt adhesive production lines, which can be customized according to customer requirements. If you want to know more, free contact us as soon as possible. 

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