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General Application of industrial mixing tanks

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-07-30 11:57:18

industrial mixing tanks

As for a industrial mixing and reaction equipment, industrial mixing tanks is suitable for mixing and dispersion usage,it\'s suitable for viscosity of immiscible liquids mixing,liquid - liquid dispersion,solid - liquid Suspension,gas dispersion.

Mixing immiscible liquids of low viscosity is a homogeneous purely physical mixing process,the main controlling factor is the rate of circulation, and the shearing blade is secondary.When two viscosity of liquid is different,the high shear factor is beneficial to higher viscosity of the liquid dispersion in the container, and strengthening the turbulent diffusion.

Dispersion low viscosity non-immiscible liquid - liquid is mainly to control droplet size and some circulation, so it requires a higher shear force and circulation force.so the turbine mixing tanks is a good choice.

Solid - liquid suspension turns to the action of the industrial mixing tanks,the solid particles suspended in a liquid to form a solid-liquid mixture or suspension liquid, Uniform suspension of the main controlling factor is the circulation rate and turbulence intensity, the volume of the circulation rate is often the most important factor.

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