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Finding high quality high viscosity mixers don’t need played full potential?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-08-19 16:51:25

high viscosity mixer

The high viscosity mixers is a kind of chemical kneading machine,it\'s used for rubber, candy, silicone adhesives so on.why does find a high quality high viscosity mixers becomes easy ? as a chemical high viscosity mixers manufacturer,we usually adopt wall and jacket thickness of high viscosity mixer, in addition, materials and the paddle can distinguish the good or bad high viscosity mixers.

high viscosity mixers

JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd. we are professional in making chemical mixer for more than 18 years ,and the engineer have more than 25 years experience in high viscosity mixers area.high viscosity mixers are usually used the thickness for wall and jacket, it\'s 8mm-10mm and stainless steel materials ,high quality and which includes 1 years warranty,machine operate training .oversea services.

At the same time,,if you need the whole production line or high viscosity material project,we\'re pleased to help you! Therefore, it\'s so easy to chose a high quality high viscosity mixers, no need played full potential.

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