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Do you know the factors that affect the mixing quality of the mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-30 09:55:24

As we all know, horizontal spiral belt mixer consists of U-shaped container, spiral belt mixing blade and transmission components; spiral belt is divided into continuous and disconnected, spiral belt blades are generally made into two layers, the outer spiral converging materials from both sides to the center, the inner spiral conveying materials from the center to both sides, forming a flow mixing.

Horizontal spiral belt mixer is suitable for mixing powder and powder, particle and powder, powder and a small amount of liquid. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, plastic and building materials industries. It can be made according to GMP standard.

Horizontal ribbon mixer

1, the impact of aircraft

Because convective mixing is the process of moving materials from one part of the stack to another in clusters, coarse, lumpy mixing can be achieved quickly; on this basis, more surfaces can be used for fine, intergranular mixing. Therefore, the mixing speed of the mixer based on convection is bound to be faster, such as the horizontal spiral belt mixer. Moreover, the physical and mechanical properties of each component had less effect on the mixing effect than the diffusion based machine.

Diffusion based machines, such as roller mixers, etc. The mixing effect is slow and the mixing time is long. The difference of physical properties (particle size, particle shape, specific gravity and surface roughness, etc.) has a great influence on the mixing effect. But the mixing between particles can be carried out more carefully.

The structure and manufacturing quality of the mixer have a great influence on the mixing quality. If the width and angle of the inner and outer rings of the horizontal mixer are not reasonable, the material will accumulate to one end, affecting mixing time and mixing uniformity; unreasonable structure may cause material dead angle; poor welding quality of struts, rings and shafts, concave and uneven, easy to hang materials, etc.

2. Physical properties of mixed components

It mainly refers to the proportion of materials, particle size, roughness of particle surface, moisture, dispersibility, agglomeration and the composition of particles. The smaller the difference of these physical characteristics, the better the mixing effect, and the more difficult to separate after mixing. In addition, the smaller the proportion of a component in the mixture, the larger the dilution ratio, the less likely it is to mix. In order to reduce the re-separation after mixing, viscous liquid components, such as molasses, can be added near completion to reduce its dispersion and thus reduce the separation effect.

3, the impact of operation

For example, the order of feeding should be large proportion of components into the machine or most of the components into the machine and then a small amount of micro components in the above, that is, in a dispersible place, otherwise the micro components agglomerated in a place is not easy to quickly disperse, affecting further mixing. Conventional operation of the mixer should be run before feeding, if the need to start with material with the need to increase motor power and stirring shaft strength

4. Material characteristics

In addition, some special materials, such as vitamin B2, are easy to produce electrostatic effect and are absorbed on the wall, affecting the mixing uniformity. For this reason, the body should be properly grounded; grease, water content of materials will produce viscous mixing and cutting will also stick to the wall, so it is necessary to mixer internal treatment, such as internal mirror polishing, no dead angle design, and other such as full-open discharge design.

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