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Do you know the bubble gum and the chewing gum equipment

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-06 16:13:34

Bubble gum and chewing gum are a kind of candy that children like to eat very much. Do you know what equipment bubbles and chewing gum are made from? Let JCT machinery tell you.

bubble gum and chewing gum product machine kneader

1. Introduction

1). Kneading machine does very well in mixing, kneading, crushing and dispersing for high-viscosity liquid materials, with no dead point. 

2). Two sigma or Z-type blades.

3). Equipped with inverter for frequency control.

4). Vacuum and high pressure are available.

5). The cylinder is opened hydraulically. 

6). Discharge mode: Hydraulic tilting, Bottom pumping,or Screwing.

7). With jacket outside of the cylinder, for heating or cooling.

8). Heating mode: Hot oil, Electric or Steam.

9). All the parts that contact with material are made of stainless steel.

10). Widely used in high viscosity sealant, bubble gum,chewing gum ,silicone rubber, CMC, adhesive, also used in batteries, ink, pigments, dyes, pharmaceuticals, resins, plastics, rubber, cosmetics ect

bubble gum and chewing gum

2.Main character:

1) Available models normal pressure, high pressure and vacuum.

2) Temperature adjustment: heated by oil, steam or electricity, cooled by water.

3) Discharge method: tilt dump, bottom dump and screw discharge.

4) The seal of shaft agitator is adopted with unique balance construction of vacuum box, Which owns patent.

5) The cover is controlled by hydraulic system.

Apply to:Chewing gum base kneading, bubble gum,rubber base kneading, DOW Corning, Silicone sealant, adhesive, ink, dope, pigment, dye, carbon, CMC, cosmetic, foodstuff, battery, medicine, plastic and other viscosity fluid etc. Vacuum sigma kneaders.

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