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Do you know the Efficient rubber resin/ phenol-formaldehyde epoxy resin reactor machine?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-11 09:44:20

Do you know the phenolic epoxy resin reaction kettle? Let JCT tell you

Stainless steel reaction kettle is usually a kettle reactor with stirring device, chemical, pharmaceutical, dyestuffs, coatings, etc. As a typical equipment in the industry production, jacket also has the meaning of sandwich, mainly in the jacket inside the introduction of heating medium to complete the kettle humidification or heating function. Their mechanical design involves not only the contents of chemical container design in the basic teaching materials of chemical machinery equipment, but also different design and calculation requirements.


1. Introduction:

1) Operating principle: Break down or recombined the materials through mixing, filling and cooling, to promote the reaction of polymerization.

2) Components: Body, gears, mixing devices, heating devices, cooling devices, seal, etc.

3) Auxiliary Equipment: Distillation column, head tank, condenser, water separator, collecting cans, filters, etc..

4) Widely used in: Resins, adhesives, paint, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other chemical production. 

5) Applicable Field: All the liquid-liquid, liquid-powder reaction industry.

6) The blending forms are divided into anchor type, frame type and oar type etc.


2. the compositions of reactor:

A. motor   

B. reducer     

C. pivot rack     

D. shaft seal     

E. manhole    

F. charging port     

G. flange    

H. jacket or coil    

I. cylinder     


K. discharging port   etc.


3. Reactor used in the production:

1). unsaturated resins,  alkyd resins,  acrylic resins,  polyurethane resins and other complete sets of production equipment.

2). lotion, white latex, PU glue, adhesive sets of production equipment.

3). waste silica gel pyrolysis, recycling equipment.

4). paint sets of production equipment.

5). complete sets of all kinds of fine chemical production equipment.

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