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Application and development trend of unsaturated resin in paint industry

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-09-08 16:15:27

Unsaturated resin is widely used in many fields. Paint is one of the most important aspects, and has made rapid development. Especially in the research of solvent-free impregnated paint, unsaturated resin materials also play an irreplaceable role.

Application and development trend of unsaturated resin in paint industry

One-component solvent-free impregnating paint can be prepared by heating the epoxy resin to a certain temperature, adding a certain proportion of styrene, Tung oleic anhydride, unsaturated polyester, accelerator, initiator, xylene resin, liquid anhydride and other solvents in turn under the condition of stirring.

On this basis, a moisture-proof solvent-free insulating impregnating varnish has been developed, which has good moisture resistance and waterproof performance due to the modification of xylene resin and heat-resistant unsaturated polyester resin. At the same time, the impregnated resin also has good permeability, reliable electrical and physical properties and stable room temperature storage period.

It can be seen that under the action of unsaturated resin, impregnated paint is to heat-resistant, environmentally friendly and low-temperature quick-drying impregnated paint development. For example, a new type of crosslinked monomer and a new initiation-polymerization system were used to prepare a low volatile, low toxic non-styrene solvent-free impregnating resin, which can meet the requirements of different industries for insulation materials.

While maintaining the excellent processing properties of unsaturated resin, it is necessary to find ways to improve the thermal and mechanical properties of unsaturated polyester, improve the dimensional stability, chemical corrosion resistance, moisture absorption of unsaturated polyester, and improve environmental affinity of unsaturated polyester.

A new type of diol monomer containing imide structure and intermediate of diimic acid were synthesized and a new type of fluorinated unsaturated polyester imide resin was prepared. The results show that, while maintaining the excellent processability of unsaturated polyester, the introduction of imide structure into the molecular chain of unsaturated polyester not only improves the heat resistance, mechanical properties, electrical properties and chemical corrosion resistance of unsaturated polyester, but also the unsaturated polyester imide resin with high imide content has outstanding heat resistance.

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