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India client's testimonials for silicone rubber sealant mixer

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 09:57:23

rubber mixer

The India client came to visit JCT Machinery on August, he looked for silicone rubber sealant mixer, as a professional silicone rubber sealant mixer manufacturer, we are pleased to work our client\'s requirements.

As for silicone rubber sealant mixer, it\'s a high viscosity elastic plastic material mixing, kneading, broken and scattered, and the ideal equipment for the aggregation, with advantages of mixing and kneading high efficiency;

rubber mixer

Mixing method of silicone rubber sealant mixer using two different speed propeller (Z type or ∑type) strong extrusion, shear,the materials are mixed uniformly.

silicone rubber sealant

Not only can we provide complete silicone rubber sealant mixer with good quality, but also some chemicals production line services as follows:

1, unsaturated resins, alkyd resins, acrylic resins, polyurethane and other complete sets of production equipment;

2, latex, white latex, rubber coating, film coating, all-purpose adhesive and other complete sets of production equipment;
3, glass, plastic, silicone rubber, sealants and other sets of production equipment;
4, raw rubber sets of production equipment;
5, silicone waste pyrolysis recycling old solvent distillation recovery sets of production equipment;
6, hot melt adhesive sets of production equipment;
7, various types of powder mixing auger sets of production equipment;
8, various non-standard chemical equipment design, production and installation.

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