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India client's Testimonials about Butyl tape production line of jacket reactor

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-08-13 15:17:20

jacket reactor

On August, India clients came to visit JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd, they are interested in Butyl tape production line.

reactor jacket

The jacket reactor is the main chemical reaction of the typical production equipment, the reactor has three heat transfer structure, they are jacket reactor, outer half-tube reactor, inner coil type reactor. it\'s widely used in resins,paint,ink,sealant,super glue and other production line.

sigma mixer

In addition, kneading machine is other choice towards Butyl tape production line, it\'s a ideal chemical equipment for mixing, kneading,crushing, dispersing high viscosity plastic materials, maybe you would be confused, What is the differences between jacket reactor and kneading machine? to be honest, it depends on client\'s requirement.

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