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What does the high speed discs for paint look like?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 16:14:17

high speed disc

The high speed discs machine for paint is a kind of chemical high speed dispersion machine,with high speed discs, high speed discs machine can mix the high viscosity and low viscosity material better, in addition,high speed discs from high speed dispersion machine is gear shape,  high speed discs machine can designed from your requirement.

speed discs

With high speed discs, high speed discs machine has a good performance in raw material mixing,the speed of high speed discs machine can be adjusted. high speed discs machine can be divided into single axis and double axis agitator,in general, as for water-based paint product, the speed in high speed discs machine can adopt variable speed control as well as explosion-proof frequency control.

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high speed disc