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News! woodworking glue manufacturer celebrate birthday with fun!

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-09-01 10:08:41

woodworking glue

It's my honor to witness staff's birthday celebration in JCT Machinery Co.Ltd, it's the third people celebrate birthday in company.As a woodworking glue manufacturer, we have been holding the best service for clients, but also play a good role in woodworking glue manufacturer, best quality product and service is our target!

This is our birthday star, he is not our company staff, he is Tommy's son, his name is Tony, is he very cute, right?

glue manufacturers

Woodworking glue manufacturer bought a big birthday cake for Tony, which spread cream and fruit, it's a delicious cake! 

woodworking glue

glue manufacturers

Happy birthday, Tony! Best wishes for Tony's 6-year-old birthday!

In addition,It,s my pleasure to introduce JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd, we are woodworking glue manufacturer, and we're a professional design and manufacture of stainless steel jacketed reactor and dispersing equipment. Our representative products includes stainless steel jacketed reactor, kneader, dispersing machine and planetary mixer.

glue manufacturers

More details can contact me 008618028192312, this is also my Whatsapp.or you can scan below contact information.

woodworking glue