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​whole production line for oil-based paint and water-based paint making

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-25 16:42:31

Do you know oil-based paint and water-based paint production line?

whole production line for oil-based paint and water-based paint making

The whole production include mixing, grinding, coloring, filtering and packing. The specific process is listed by the following 

A. Mixing  put the raw material into the High-speed disperser, stir about 1 hour, you can get the semi-finished paint;

B. Grinding  put the semi-finished paint into the Horizontal sand miller to grind the granule(residued from the semi-finished paint) into small particles, for the better stirring. If you want to make high-quality water-based paint, it's better to use Pipeline emulsifying machine. If your water-based paint don't need to be grinded, this grinding part can be removed;

C. Coloring  put the semi-finished paint into the Color mixing tank, add some pigments or other additives into it to make other colors for the paint. If the paint need to be diluted, it can be finished in this tank. 

D. Filtering  after mixing, grinding and coloring, it need to be filtered by the filter, to get high-quality paint;

E. Packing  after filtering, the paint will be filled and packed by the packing machine automatically, and finally, you can get the paint in barrels.

whole production line for water-based paint making


A. Water-based paint and Oil-based paint can not be made in the same production line. Because oil-based paint must be made in a non-water working environment, and if made in the same production line, it will be very hard for you to do the cleaning job.

B. These two production line are suitable for the production below 3 tons per day, and if you want to make larger production of paint, you can refer to our High-speed dispersing kettle equipment below.

paint ink pigment

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