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Which chemical process equipment can be used in melting oil based wax?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-24 12:37:19

oil based wax

Animals, plants or minerals produced by the oil, solid at room temperature, with plasticity, easy to melt, insoluble in water, soluble in carbon disulfide and benzene. This is what we call wax. As a chemical mixing equipment manufacturer, we can tell you which chemical process equipment can be used in making oil based wax.

chemical process equipment

Which chemical process equipment can be used in melting oil based wax? The jacketed heating reactor can be used to heat and melt wax. It is generally classified according to the form of jacket heating, which is mainly divided into different types of reactors such as heating of electric heating rods, heating of steam, circulation heating of heat conducting oil. Electric heating reactor through its electric heating rod heating the corresponding parts of the heat transfer oil, with its heat transfer oil as a medium to our kettle body material heat transfer.

oil based wax

The reactor sealing device can be sealed with mechanical seal, packing seal and so on. Heating, cooling can be used jacket, half tube, coil, Miller board and other structures. Heating methods are: steam, electric heating, heat transfer oil, to meet the acid, high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion and other different working environment of the process needs. And it can be based on user requirements for the design and manufacture. More information about chemical process equipment of melting oil based wax can you contact with JCT Machinery!

chemical process equipment

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