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what is the differences between high speed dispersers and powerful dispersers for paint?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-04-20 09:29:46

high speed disperser for paints

Generally speaking, high speed disperser and powerful dispersers belong to dispersion machine,but they have structure and different blazes.they have same points also different points.

1.The same points:
High speed dispersers and powerful dispersers have dispersion function, and it is suitable for paint production, they belong to mixing machine,and can be designed on the requirement of our clients.

2.The different points:
High speed dispersers and powerful dispersers have different forms in their blazes, besides, high speed dispersers has a high speed dispersion blaze only, it's single, and powerful dispersers will have three or four blazes, it's more complex. at the same time, they have different shape, prices, and high seed dispersers have a large range but powerful dispersers are single.