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Kenya clients come to JCT Machinery to talk about waterproof wood glue making machine

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-10 11:55:20

waterproof wood glue

On July 10th, 2017, Kenya clients visited JCT Machinery for discussing exterior door paint disperser project, we talked about some details of the machine he needs and took him to our workshop to see the paint disperser. But how about the waterproof wood glue making machine shows in this article title? Now let me tell you!

waterproof wood glue

After visiting the exterior door paint disperser in JCT Machinery's workshop, Kenya clients saw some other machine of us. To promote his production business, he also learned about the mixing tank from us. As we know, mixing tank is called chemial reactor which is the container for doing hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, distillation, evaporation, storage, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation, heating mixing, constant temperature reaction process and so on. It is widely used in research of producers and various scientific projects in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyes, pharmaceuticals, food and other industry.

glue making machine

Being known the reactor has good performance in making some kinds of adhesive, the Kenya client told us that on his door it has a wood material needing some glue. During the further talking, we learned that he needed a kind of waterproof wood glue. Then he showed us a picture of a glue he wants to make, which looks like granular hot melt adhesive. So we explained to him and together talked something about the waterproof wood glue making line. Finally, we hope to keep good relationship in the future! Any requirements about waterproof wood glue making machine you have can consult to us!

glue making machine

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