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Big news!JCT vertical dry blender can be used for powder?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-12-24 11:23:21

blender vertical

JCT vertical dry blender can be used for powder? of course, in general, the vertical dry blender can be divided into coulomb mixer,vertical ribbon mixer,horizontal mixer,no gravity mixer, double helix cone mixer, etc.The common dry mixer in JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd are vertical ribbon mixer and horizontal mixer, we can design the suitable vertical dry blender on your need!

dry blender

Let me get to know one of JCT vertical dry blender,it's double cone screw mixer, which is suitable for fine powder,dry blender requires that all materials involved in the mixing are evenly distributed.The degree of mixing is divided into three states: ideal mixing, random mixing.

blender vertical

Apart from double cone screw mixer, we can get to know another type of vertical dry blender,this is horizontal mixer, which is a type of high efficient and wide application mixer, it's used for powder too,in addition,horizontal mixer is widely used in dry powder mortar, chemicals, pesticides, detergents, pigments, food, MSG, milk powder, salt, feed, chemicals, ceramics, plastics, rubber additives and other powder drying and mixing.

dry blender