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Let's we choose suitable twin screw blender !

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-05-05 10:19:17

This is worldwide acknowledged as the industrial standard twin screw blender。

twin screw blender

twin screw mixer is used on a wide variety of applications in the industry such as pharmaceutical, food, battery materials, dyestuff & pigment, chemical industry, fertilizer, rare earth, titanium powder etc. It is widely used to mix powder-powder, power-liquid, especially for fine powder, fiber or chip-shaped materials.
First, the applicable characteristics of twin screw blender generally have five points:
1. Suitable for the proportion of material disparity, powder particles quite large material;
2. Suitable for ceramic glaze mixing process is mild, the material particles will not be fed or broken;
3. The heat-sensitive materials will not produce overheating;
4. In the powder - powder mixing process, it is very convenient to add the conditions required for the liquid or set up to a number of spray mouth device;

5. The bottom of the dislocation valve easy to discharge, because the bottom of the screw without a fixed device, so there will be no pressure phenomenon.

twin screw mixer

Second, the selection method of twin screw mixer:
1.To determine the volume of each batch of mixed material, ranging from 0.1-20 cubic meters, select the appropriate specifications of the equipment.
2.Select the equipment to produce materials, material points: contact with the material part, not with the material contact part of the other parts of the equipment to maintain the original material. (Material based on the nature of the material, working conditions, health level and other factors, conventional carbon steel, 304 / 316L / 321 stainless steel) (material selected according to the requirements to determine the surface treatment requirements)
3.According to the proportion of the material, liquidity and other properties, as well as start the standard to determine the configuration of the drive capability. (Start standard points: overload start, no load start)
4.According to the actual process, increase the auxiliary function components, such as spray, heating / cooling, and so on.
5.The design of the equipment requirements, such as feeding mouth, clean up the mouth, vent and so on
6.Choose the discharge mode and drive the way, sub-manual, pneumatic, electric

twin screw blender

Important Tip: twin screw blender selection is a more important part of the material should be provided as much as possible, as well as the process arrangements.

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