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top! Which hydraulic lifter is better?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-06-26 16:11:14

First of all, you may enter a blind spot, that is, what is the hydraulic lift disperser? Or is it a high-speed disperser, but it is not! Hydraulic lifting and dispersing machine generally refers to a powerful dispersing machine. Although both of them have hydraulic lifting, they are quite relevant from the structure, application, blade form and even price. Below, Xiao Hong will simply introduce the hydraulic lifting disperser. Good home?


 Secondly, which hydraulic lifter is better? In fact, there is no standard for this problem. Strictly speaking, it can be judged from a series of manufacturers' brands, beer, pre-sales and after-sales service quality, equipment quality, length of time, technical team, economic base, plant size, etc., but here Will eliminate the price, why? Because this is not a factor affecting the quality of a manufacturer, the so-called money distribution, this everyone knows, users also seriously think about it, if a manufacturer's machinery is cheap and cheap, but the quality is not guaranteed, you dare to buy ? The manufacturer is also right, because the quality is cheap, the user is also right, because I have to be so cheap, but I still want to buy good goods cheaply, this is a bit unreasonable, you say?

    The hydraulic lifting disperser is structurally a three-axis vertical shaft. The material cylinder is all stainless steel. It is relatively large in volume and high in height. Because it is a non-standard equipment, the overall equipment is customized as needed.

    Hydraulic lifting and dispersing machines have a wide range of applications, including silicone sealants, adhesives, cosmetics, chemical products, batteries, food, pharmaceuticals and plastics industries.

    The blade type of the hydraulic lifting disperser mainly has two high-speed dispersing discs with butterfly blades on the top for agitating action, and a low-speed scraping scraping blade to ensure efficient and dead-end stirring and dispersion. It can be sealed, and it also has good exhaust defoaming effect. The kettle body can move freely and is very convenient to operate.

    Finally, Xiao Hong shared this today, Jin changtai 20 years of production technology and history, you can trust! Thank you for your support from new and old customers. Thank you for your continued trust and we will work hard to do better!

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