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African clients visit JCT Machinery for tyre sealant (tire sealant) complete plant

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-09-21 17:09:42

tyre sealant

On Sept. 15th, Sara received a call from a foreigner who said he wanted to visit our factory soon. Then Sara added his WeChat and sent our factory location to him. After about 1 hour later, he arrived, and we took him to our meeting room. He wanted to consult with tyre sealant (tire sealant) complete plant with us. Do you know how is it? Let me tell you!

tyre sealant

The African client has been in China for about 8 years. So his Chinese speaking is quite well. He looks young but already have some business in many fields. In the meeting, we showed him some tyre sealant samples which is sent by our other clients, and he could tell us where does the sealant be made and how much is it in the market. Besides, our boss also talked about some details of the tyre sealant (tire sealant) complete plant. After that we also took him to our workshop and explained some machines for the client.

tire sealant

The African friend is so humorous and talkative. When we asked him to take a photo, he still was talking. So funny! He is glad to be friend with us, in the meanwhile we also hope can build good relationship with each other. As a manufacturer specializing in tyre sealant (tire sealant) complete plant, we are willing to do efforts to help our customers set up their project!

tire sealant

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