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How about the Quality of Strong Dispersion machine (Powerful dispersing mixing machine)?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-10-25 10:31:03

Powerful dispersing mixing machine

With the continuous development of chemical industry, product quality requirements are more and more strict, the requirements of chemical equipment are also higher and higher. JCT Machinery is also unexceptional and never reduce the quality of machinery. Take the strong dispersion machine Strong Dispersion machine (Powerful dispersing mixing machine) for example:

strong dispersion machine

1.  The kettle of strong dispersion machine can be sealed by vacuuming and pressure to expel the air in the tank. Fully guarantee the product quality as the materials in the production process.

2.  The structure of inner tank was made by stainless steel, including the part that touch the materials. The kettle can be designed jacketed to improve the producing efficiency while the thermal medium through the jacket to heating and cooling.

3. The mixing part of vertical dispersion machine also has very strong function. It mainly contains 2 high-speed dispersing discs + 1 misshapen mixer. The blade in the tank runs around the axis, can scrape the material glue to the inner wall and bottom to join into the mixing, so the effect is more ideal.

4. Now the strong dispersion machine is widely used in adhesives, cosmetics, chemical products, batteries, food, pharmaceutical and plastics and other industries.

strong dispersion machine

  As a professional manufacturer who specializes in chemical mixing equipment, JCT Machinery’s goal is to make high-quality product  such as kneading machine, power mixer, planetary mixer and Strong Dispersion machine (Powerful dispersing mixing machine) etc, to meet client needs. We provide quality product with competitive price and service which has been our continuously efforts for now and future.


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