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The India clients ordered strip hot melt glue production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-03-23 15:16:38

India clients

On March 22nd, we got to the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to pick the clients up who are from India. They came to China for the business which is the strip hot melt glue production line. Before came to China, we both have negotiated with each other about their project. When our car got to the airport, they were very pleasant. As the same time, they were eager to visit our company and factory.

Jacket reactor

When our car came back to the company on the way , the sale manager hannah gave a brief introduction of the city. They were satisfied with the introduction of hannah. They saied if the strip hot melt glue have been finshed, they would take a visit to Foshan. When our car arrived the company, the sale manager took them to the company office. Our company eingneer was waiting for their coming.We both negotiated with the details of contract and they wanted to learn about some details of strip hot melt glue.

jacket reactor (2)

Our company engineer have gave detailed introduction to them. They were pleased with our service. When our negotiation have been finished, they saied that they wanted to visit the factory. With sale manager of leading, they came to the factory which they visited the jacket reactor for strip hot melt glue. They were serious about visiting the machine and they also asked some details of machine to hannah. The hannah gave a satistiing answer to them.

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