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How do you treat the Chinese police killed four thugs after Xinjiang attack?the spiral ribbon mixer manufacturer recommended.

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-29 10:00:43

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As a spiral ribbon mixer manufacturer read a news on December 29th, we found the news in BBC,there were four thugs drove into the Moyu country, and Detonated self-made deflagration device on 28th, Dec,2016.AS A RESULT, Chinese police killed four thugs after Xinjiang attack.As far as spiral ribbon mixer manufacturer concerned, this horrifying attack event will effect local political social stability, and should treasure our present life!

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We are one of spiral ribbon mixer manufacturer, we concern the recent news happened in our country and other countries.Let me think of the event, the local government officials said, the four thugs attacked a Communist Party building in western Xinjiang province,it belongs to a terrorist attack.

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The Moyu country in Xinjiang Province, has suffered years of unrest, and the authorities blame the history of violence on Islamist militants.At the same time,the Human rights and exiled Uighur groups accuse the government of repressing the Muslim community.

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Uighurs, which covers about 45% of Xinjiang population,they are complaining about the restriction of freedom movement.in my opinion, as a professional spiral ribbon mixer manufacturer,we not only supply the good quality spiral ribbon mixer, but also pay attention to global news, peace and development are the most trend in the world.

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