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How about the slurry stirrer for sale?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 11:29:37

slurry stirrer for sale

The slurry stirrer for sale is a kind of chemical mixing equipment, which is not only mixing, but also kneading, crushing, dispersion and so on,the most function of slurry stirrer for sale is dispersion uses, the slurry stirrer for sale is widely used for production of ink, pigment, adhesive, sealant, paste, paste-type material, lubricant, paint, paste cosmetics, emulsion, cream food and additive, etc.

slurry stirrer for sale

The slurry stirrer for sale is a kind of dispersing power mixing equipment, which is accepted by many overseas clients.there are many reasons to support JCT slurry stirrer for sale.It adopts unique stirring mechanism, with bottom vessel fixed and unmoved , with dispersion discs and stirrers making planetary movement of revolution and rotation, with speed adjustment by frequency inverter. It makes the materials to move complicatedly, with strong shearing and kneading, for full dispersion and mixing of materials without mixing dead spot.

slurry stirrer for sale

JCT slurry stirrer for sale can be pressurized or vacuumed. It is widely used in solid-solid, solid-fluid and fluid-fluid mixing, reaction, dispersion, grinding, dissolving, homogenizing and emulsification, etc. JCT slurry stirrer for sale, you best choice!

slurry stirrer for sale

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