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What kinds of chemical mixing machine can make silicone products?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-30 11:16:08

silicone products

It\'s a good chemical mixing machine can make the silicone products,the raw shape of silicone products are silicone material, it;s a kind of high viscosity material,it\'s better to recommend you to choose the silicone kneader, which can be known as kneading machine on silicone mixing machine market.as a silicone mixing machine manufacturer in China, we focus on supplying the suitable silicone mixing machine on your request.

silicone products

Of course, JCT chemical mixing machine can make silicone products, it\'s my honor to show you this kind of chemical mixing machine for silicone products.The silicone mixing machine is the ideal equipment for mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and re-polymerizing all kinds of high-viscosity elastoplastic materials, It has the advantages of uniform mixing, no dead angle and high kneading efficiency and other advantages.

silicone products

Silicone mixing machine is designed for silicone products features, and designed into Z or Sigma blazes as stirring and kneading tools,it\'s ideal mixing equipment for silicone rubber, plastic mold and so on.Silicone mixing machine adopts stainless steel as contact material, which can ensure the quality of silicones products production.

silicone products

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