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Brazil customer sent us some samples of liquid silicone for glue using in kids

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-01 09:42:34

liquid silicone glue

Last week, we received our Brazil customer's samples. He has come to visit our factory before and we still continue talking about his project. He sent his product samples from Hangzhou, China. See the picture below: several bottles of glue, so Exquisite!

liquid silicone glue

Look at the sample glue, they are several bottles of glue with diffrent specification. We opened some of them, and smelt a flavour that is so familiar. Yes, it reminds of me a kind of toy in my childhood which is called balloon glue. Balloon glue is a viscous colloidal liquid, its main ingredient is polyvinyl acetate and other solvents, its packaging is similar to small toothpaste, and is a common childhood toys in the past.

silicone glue

With our customer's trust to us, we hope the coperation this time can go on smoothly. As a chemical mixing equipments manufacturer, we would try our best to help our customer's project and make high-quality equipments to meet customer's needs. Any requirements can feel free to communicate with JCT Machinery!

silicone glue