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Who is the rubber chemical mix tanks?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-12-06 11:50:09

chemical mix tanks

Who is the rubber chemical mix tanks? we can get to know that JCT kneading machine is a good choice.rubber chemical mix tanks is suitable for high and low viscosity material production process.Rubber chemical mix tanks is one of main mixing and kneading machine, which is a ideal kneading machine for high viscosity kneading, mixing, dispersion, mixing and other functions.

chemical mix tanks

The rubber chemical mix tanks consists of six major components, kneading part, base part, the transmission system,vacuum system, hydraulic system,electric control system and other components.inner and outer contact material can made from stainless steel in most of time! Without dead spot,rubber chemical mix tanks has a good performance in unique mixing.

mix tanks

Rubber chemical mix tanks can be customized according to your requirement, the volume is 5L to 5000L or more,the motor and voltage depends on your operation condition, as for heating and cooling system, vacuum degree and other configuration can be designed on your need. JCT rubber chemical mix tanks, you best choice!

chemical mix tanks