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What is the rate of resins mixing kettle?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-29 11:17:15

mixing rate

As a reliable and professional resins mixing kettle manufacturer in China, we\'re familiar with the design and configuration of resins mixing kettle, as for the rate of resins mixing kettle, we\'re pleased to tell you some parameters about rates.Voltage is about 0.75-45KW,Power(W) is 220v or 380v,and other rate of resins mixing kettle can be known in JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd!

rate of mixing

The resins mixing kettle is a hot sale mixing equipment product on chemical mixer market,why do I think about? because resins mixing kettle can apply for many aspects, resins mixing kettle is suitable for high and low viscosity material, such as various resins, silicone rubber, adhesives, paint, ink,food, pharmaceutical and other chemicals products production.

mixing kettle

JCT resins mixing kettle can be known as reactor, we can design the different types of resins mixing kettle on your requirement,if you want to be a businessman for resins mixing kettle business, you can turn to us, we have many experiences for producing the resins mixing kettle, in addition, we can design the suitable chemicals production line if necessary. JCT resins mixing kettle, welcome your coming!

mixing rate

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