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What machine can produce the polyester resin paint?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-27 11:36:50

       polyester resin paint

         Polyester resin paint is based on unsaturated polyester and styrene as the main film-forming material solvent-free paint.  It is mainly used for senior floor finishing and furniture finishing. What machine can make the the polyester resin paint?  The jacket reactor is excelent equipment to produce the plolyester resin paint.It is  breaking down or combined the materials through mixing, filling, and cooling,to promate the reaction of polymerization.

jacket reactor (3)   

         In the production of the polyester resin paint,the jacket reactor can suppply the three heating methods,which are electric heating, steam heating and heated in water.So when you deicde to plan to produce the polyester resin paint, you can choose the heating methods that it fits your plan. As the same time , the jacket reactor can also use severals strirring form that are anchor paddle , block,ribbon, turbine type ,  a dispersing disc. Therefore, when you choose the jacket reactor to produce the polyester resin paint, you can select the stirring form that fit your plan.

jacket reactor (2)

         The JCT company is an excelent equipment suppier which has been producing and eporting for 11 years. There are an excelent technical team in the JCT company ,which can offer the sales services. The JCT company can supply the volume of jacket reactor from 50L to 30000L. If you want to produce the polyester reisn paint and interest the jacket reactor , please contact the JCT company as much as possible.

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