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What is the ploughshare mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-17 11:02:32

ploughshare mixer

The ploughshare mixer belongs to powder mixer,which is widely used for powder production,we can customize the suitable types of ploughshare mixer on your request. The spindle install multi-group ploughshare, and dislocation continuous installation, the structure to avoid mixing dead spots.

ploughshare mixer

The ploughshare mixer consists of transmission, horizontal cylinder,ploughshare,flying and other components.the material operates under the cylinder for convective movement.When the material flows through the ploughshare, which can achieve the stable mixing,dispersion,It is especially suitable for mixing viscous or colloidal additives.

ploughshare mixer

The ploughshare mixer can meet the most solid-liquid mixing and wet granulation, drying and other composite process,It is able to handle the mixing of solid powder and pellets,and adapt to the batch mixing process of adding liquid,Food, chemicals, building materials,it has a high-performance mixing quality.

ploughshare mixer

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