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How is planetary mixture machine mixing action?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-14 10:03:40

planetary mixture machine

The planetary mixture machine is a new type of highly efficient no dead point mixing and mixing equipment. As a professional planetary mixture machine manufacturer, we know information in detail about this kind of machine includes how its mixing action.

planetary mixing action

How is planetary mixture machine mixing action? In the planetary mixture machine mixing tank, the rotary blade is continuously rotated so that the material moves from the inner wall of the agitator to the vicinity of the stirrer, and the direction of operation and the direction of rotation of the agitator can also be rotated in the opposite direction to achieve different cutting purposes.

planetary mixing action

With the increase in demand, planetary mixture machines also joined other agitators, such as various types of dispersing blades, emulsifiers and so on. It adds a versatile application that extends the scope of use.If you have interests in learning more information about planetary mixture machine mixing action, please contact us!

planetary mixture machine

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