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Why can we call the JCT planetary mixer as commercial food mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-03-14 10:47:30

food mixer commercial

There\'re some reasons to support the JCT planetary mixer as commercial food mixer. As far as commercial food mixer manufacturer concerned,commercial food mixer is a new kind of chemical mixing equipment in chemicals industries, especially for high viscosity material, is also suitable for low viscosity, such as paint, ink, liquid and liquid combination, liquid and solid, liquid and powder mixing process, and the food liquid, food powder and other food area are included.

JCT food mixer commercial

JCT commercial food mixer adopts special structure for seal, they\'re designed into pressure and vacuum structure, so commercial food mixer has a good seal feature. In addition, commercial food mixer can be customized into cylinder jacketed for heat and cool functions.Many requirement for commercial food mixer can designed in accordance with our client\'s need.

food mixer commercial

JCT commercial food mixer is easy to move and clean, the cylinder is easy to move, and the stirrer can be chosen in the need of the requirements, such as multi-blaze, frame type, butterfly type and out-wheels etc. If you\'re interested in JCT commercial food mixer, welcome to visit us!

food mixer commercial in JCT

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