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Where do you place the tank mixing order?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-10-15 11:24:41

tank mixing order

Where do you place the tank mixing order? it\'s my honor to introduce JCT Machinery Co.,ltd,as a chemical mixing tank manufacturer, we can design the suitable mixing tank according to your requirement,we have been specializing in chemical mixing tank over 10 years,so we can give you a favorable prices when you confirm your order!

tank mixing order

It\'s convenient to place the tank mixing order from JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd,in general,we adopt T/T and L/C as terms of payment.other method you can tell us.We usually provide 3 years warrant for you! Quality and service are our aim for chemical tank.

tank mixing order

As for mixing tank order, we can provide a complete design plan for chemical mixing tank,if you want to purchase mixing tank, you can pay T/T partly and L/C mainly.in addition, we can provide the drawing when you confirm your order of mixing tank.

tank mixing order

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