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Is it difficult to understand the performance characteristics of planetary food mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-03-16 11:24:43

planetary food mixer

It\'s not difficult to understand the performance characteristics of planetary food mixer on the planetary food mixer market.In general,planetary food mixer is a new type of highly efficient non-dead point mixing and mixing equipment, it has a unique, innovative mixing structure.Apart from food industry,planetary food mixer is also used for rubber, paint, ink,paste etc.

JCT planetary food mixer

Planetary food mixer kettle has two or three multi-layer pulp stirrer and 1 to 2 automatic scraper,at different speeds around their own axis of high-speed rotation,planetary food mixer can make the material in the kettle body for complex movement.

planetary food mixer

Conventional planetary food mixers are mostly composed of two low-speed agitators, also known as two-planetary blender.But with the increase in demand, planetary food mixer also joined the other stirrer, such as various types of scattered blades, emulsifiers and so on. Increased multi-functional applications, expanding the scope of use.Thus,planetary food mixer in JCT Machinery is a multi-functional food mixer, it\'s a good choice for you!

JCT planetary food mixer

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