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You should know the reactor with new materials

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-05-16 15:34:42

new reactor

As a new chemical reaction machine in resin ares, the reactor is a high efficient and durable machine with new materials ,how can the new reactor represent it durable? it depends on its new materials.

In gereral, reactor can be divided steel reactor, iron casting reactor and glass reactor, to be specific speaking, we can simply divide new reactor material into stainless steel reactor and carbon reactor, to some extent, carbon reactor is cheaper than stainless steel reactor.and the quality is stainless steel reactor better.

What's more,we adopt the new reactor material, is stainless steel, which is a new and durable in chemical area, with the simple manufacturing process, in addition, the stainless steel can be polished and resistant acidic medium. we can say, that is a new environment-friendly materials.