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How about motionless mixer in JCT Machinery?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-09 11:20:19

motionless mixer

As for motionless mixer in JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd. we can call it static mixer machine or planetary mixer, it\'s a one of chemical mixing machine,as a chemical mixing machine manufacturer in China, we can provide many types of mixing machine, such as reactor, kneader,dispersion machine, powder mixing machine,motionless mixer an so on.

motionless mixer

The motionless mixer is a novel high-viscosity material mixing equipment,especially for silicone sealant production line.JCT motionless mixer consists of a static mixer,hydraulic systems, quantitative measurement, the valve body, the integrated electric control system,gas control system and other components.the motionless mixer is the core of the whole equipment.

motionless mixer

JCT motionless mixer is automatic operation, which includes automatically adding catalyst, various additives online, adding the paste automatically, continuous automatic production. no-clean without residue,motionless mixer can greatly reduce the production waste, in addition, it can greatly save labor costs.

motionless mixer

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