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Let us talking about the lithium polymer battery Mixing Equipment

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-05 08:37:09

lithium battery

With the continuous development of the electronics industry, as the electronics industry giants, lithium polymer battery has become the mainstream. Lithium batteries can be conductive due to the liquid inside the battery case. Lithium battery liquid has a variety of different raw materials, which has a certain viscosity and mobility, but also has a discharge function. Now let us talk about the choice of lithium polymer battery mixing equipment.

lithium battery

Generally, lithium polymer battery mixing equipment has two options: one is the planetary mixer, the other is dual planetary powerful mixer. As the lithium polymer battery is mixed with powder and colloid and some additives, so the formation of particles and agglomeration phenomenon. When selecting the planetary mixer to do lithium polymer battery, due to the phenomenon of particles and agglomeration, to go through three-roll grinding machine after mixing again. The choice of dual planetary powerful mixer, because the dual planetary powerful mixer with a dispersion plate, with a dispersed, broken effect, do not need to go through three roller grinding.

lithium polymer battery

Compared to the planetary mixer, dual planetary powerful mixer to do lithium polymer battery not only can save time, improve efficiency, reduce labor, reduce costs, but also reduce the production process. The quality of the product produced is also better than the product produced by the planetary mixer, but the price may be slightly expensive than the planetary mixer. How to choose the right equipment? This will be based on the actual situation to choose, but we recommend that because of the lithium polymer battery industry requirements, it is best to use dual planetary powerful mixer to produce lithium polymer battery. Any questions you have about lithium polymer battery mixing equipment you have can feel free to tell us!

lithium polymer battery

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