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How can we choose the suitable mixing blazes of industrial tank agitators for adhesives?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-12-09 11:13:08

tank agitators industrial

The mixing blazes of industrial tank agitators for adhesives is very important,mixing blazes can be divided into two types,mechanical mixing and magnetic stirring,industrial tank agitators should choose a suitable mixing blazes for adhesives mixing, dispersion and other performance.As for adhesives production, JCT Machinery industrial tank agitators can help you!

tank agitators industrial

There're different media in the kettle of industrial tank agitators,he capacity, and the agitator to select the appropriate stirrer can play a significant role in promoting the chemical reaction rate and improving the production efficiency.As for magnetic stirring type of industrial tank agitators for adhesives, it has a wide range of application,and sealing performance is better,it's energy saving, and the use of maintenance are very convenient. 

tank agitators industrial

Mechanical stirring type of industrial tank agitators is power enough,shear force is also good. As for large-scale industrial tank agitators, it's usually to adopt mechanical stirring,but the limitations of sealing often cause secondary pollution and other issues.

tank agitators industrial