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Features of JCT industrial ribbon blender

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-10 10:49:51

industrial ribbon

As a professional industrial ribbon blender manufacturer and supplier in China, we\'re glad to know that industrial ribbon blender has many advantages over the industrial ribbon blender design,because industrial ribbon blender has advanced features, industrial ribbon blender become more and more popular and wide over the chemicals application.

industrial ribbon blender

The industrial ribbon blender is specially for powder production process.industrial ribbon blender depends on the amount of mixing chamber volume and the maximum height of the outer edge of the ribbon. In order to increase the mixing efficiency, the amount of feed should be less than the maximum height of the outer edge of the ribbon.industrial ribbon blender has the advantages of simple structure, good mixing performance, low energy consumption, large charging coefficient, small space and operating area, convenient operation and maintenance.

industrial ribbon

The industrial ribbon blender has wide application,but the mixing strength is small,so the mixing time is longer.it\'s difficult to clean in the mixing of viscous or cohesive materials, so it\'s suitable for material for large production and infrequent replacement.JCT industrial ribbon blender is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, pesticides, plastic,dye, paint and cosmetics industries

industrial ribbon blender.

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