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The legendary giant panda Panpan was gone, we wish he can enjoy the bamboo paradise!The industrial hot melt adhesive mixer manufacturer said

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-30 11:57:15

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On 28th, December, 2016,the legendary giant panda Panpan was gone! As one of industrial hot melt adhesive mixer manufacturer,we wish he can enjoy the bamboo paradise! The largest male panda is Panpan, because of malignant neoplasms, Panpan\'s health becomes badly day by day,recently, he was gone on 28th at the end of this years!

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Pan is the most longevity panda in China, in September, Pan just spent his birthday for 31 years old, it\'s equal to 100 years old compared to human being, but in the past three years, his health is deteriorated and got cataracts and poor teeth unfortunately, he had lost his consciousness.

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Although Pan had a poor health,when the keeper called his name and offered he food with bread or fresh bamboo leaves, Pan could response with a high spirit and moved out for food, the reporter said.

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Pan has a honorific title, Panda Grandpa,because he has saved a large group of panda race by himself,actually, the artificial feeding panda will get longer life than wild panda, and wild panda life is about 20 years, and human feeding is more longer than it.

industrial adhesive

The artificial feeding panda is not a easy work,but Pan made a great contribution for large population of pandas,just like industrial hot melt adhesive mixer manufacturer, we went through a hard years in 2017, but we can\'t give up,like Panda Pan, keep positive attitude towards life whatever we will meet!

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