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How much does the industrial high viscosity food mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 12:20:19

industrial food mixer

The industrial high viscosity food mixer is a kind of high viscosity mixing equipment,without dead spots, it's unique and novel in agitation,industrial high viscosity food mixer can play a good performance on paste food, paste cosmetic, paste material, paint, additives, adhesives and other chemicals products production.

The industrial high viscosity food mixer is also known as planetary mixer, it's a new and high efficient mixing equipment, There are two or three sets of mixers and a set of scraper in the cylinder,The agitator revolution around the axis of the kettle body ,at the same time, and at different speeds around its axis of rotation,Make the material in the kettle body for complex movement, by a strong shear and mixed.

food mixer industrial

In addition,the sealing performance of industrial high viscosity food mixer is good. It can be used for pressure or vacuum, and has good exhaust and removal effect.Equipment hydraulic lift, cylinder can be free to move, the operation is very convenient,and the agitator and scraper can be up and down.it's easy to clean.

industrial food mixer

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