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Could you recommend the suitable industrial high speed mixers for liquid and paste?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-02-25 11:57:16

high speed mixers industrial

Do you confused of choosing the industrial high speed mixers for liquid and paste? Have you purchase the unsatisfactory industrial high speed mixers? I would like to tell you, there's no problem to it! As a industrial high speed mixers manufacturer, we have professional industrial high speed mixers design experience,thus, we can solve with your question when you meet!

industrial mixers

The industrial high speed mixers for liquid and paste can be chosen as strong dispersion machine or high speed dispersion machine,here let me introduce the strong dispersion machine firstly,Strong dispersion machine can be controlled by frequent control system,the pressure range are below 0.098-0.2Mpa,high speed dispersion machine is widely used in adhesives, cosmetics,chemical products,batteries, food and so on.

high speed mixers industrial

In addition to strong dispersion machine, JCT can produce the other type of industrial high speed mixers,we can call high speed dispersion machine.it can be used for paint better,Why? Because we have many clients who invested paint and ink for a large amount,apart from paint and ink product, high speed dispersion machine is also used for adhesives, oil,paste, liquid,powder and so on.

industrial mixers

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