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Let me tell you what is hot melt adhesive composition

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-06-28 11:05:06

hot melt adhesive composition

As a hot melt adhesive machine manufacturer, we know that hot melt adhesive is solvent-free thermoplastic material, which can use at a temperature between 120 ° C to 180C in a molten state mixed.

The hot melt adhesive composition mainly consists of three parts,first,it's a high molecular weight polymers (such as EVA or synthetic rubber),which is equivalent pillar for hot melt glue adhesive,the adhesive provides the main mechanical properties. Second,it's a tackifying resin, which provides wetting and bonding properties, Thirdly, it's a plasticizers,such as oils or waxes,to control the viscosity of the mixture,and ensure to the binder by a simple mechanical treatment.

In addition, hot helt adhesive is widely used in packaging, product assembly,imber processing and pressure sensitive tapes and labels etc. 

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