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How can I classify the hot melt glue equipment in JCT?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-02-17 15:55:21

hot melt glue equipment

How can I classify the hot melt glue equipment in JCT? As far as we concerned,you can choose major two types of hot melt glue equipment, one is JCT reactor, another is kneading machine,we can find some difference between the reactor and kneading machine, all in all, hot melt glue equipment can be designed and recommended by us, because we are professional hot melt glue equipment supplier!

hot melt

First of all,we can compare the two hot melt glue equipment.If the reactor as hot melt glue equipment, it can produce the 4 to 5 hours per batch, and the kneading machine is 2 to 3 hours per batch, reactor can cover the 70-80% use-room,and the kneading machine is 60% approximately.The motor with reactor and kneading machine can be equipped with your specific hot melt glue production occasion.

hot melt glue equipment

Hot melt glue equipment can be designed into different capacity according to customers\'need, as a hot melt glue equipment suppliers,we focus on providing the good quality and service for our customers, if you want to try our hot melt glue equipment working experience, welcome to come to our company!

hot melt

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