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Do you know what is hot melt butyl rubber for car?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-17 23:50:21

butyl rubber

Hot melt butyl rubber for car contains 20% to 90% of the hydrogen bond which can form a reactive group of polymers, with good melt flow, high melt flow temperature and other characteristics. The adhesive is commonly used in packaging, construction, automotive and other industries.

hot melt butyl

The production methed of hot melt butyl rubber for car is not so difficult. Put the material into the melting tank according to the ratio for heating and melting to abtain the products. The melt flow temperature is 66.5 ℃, and it is non-stick at room temperature.

butyl rubber

Hot melt butyl rubber for car is mainly used in the door waterproof film and other small pieces of the waterproof film of the automatic coating. high-quality hot melt butyl rubber for car has  advantages that includes environmental tasteless, low melting point, chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, adhesion, water resistance, sealing and so on. JCT Machinery can supply customized hot melt butyl rubber for car equipments, if you are interested in purchasing can feel free to contact us!

hot melt butyl

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