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How to choose a suitable horizontal ribbons mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-27 11:16:13

horizontal ribbon

As a professional horizontal ribbons mixer manufacturer, we\'re honor to teach you how to choose a suitable horizontal ribbons mixer if you need.In general, it\'s a complex operation, especially for nature powder,thus, the larger type of horizontal ribbons mixer you choose, the more difficult you will meet.and the horizontal ribbons mixer features will have a great impact on mixing effect.

horizontal ribbons

The horizontal ribbons mixer tips can be included as follows;

horizontal ribbon1.The purpose of the operation and a given process requirements, including: the nature of the product (or mixture of properties), mixing uniformity requirements, production capacity, equipment required materials, the operation is intermittent or continuity.

horizontal ribbons2.Compared with the material properties of horizontal ribbons mixer,related to powder properties, such as particle size, density and the performance of density, mobility, water content and so on. The differences in the physical properties of the respective components were compared.

horizontal ribbons

horizontal ribbon3.From the above, it can initially determine the appropriate mixing machine type,and then analysis the horizontal ribbon mixer properties.

horizontal ribbons4.The operating conditions of the horizontal ribbon mixer,including: mixer loading factor, mixing time, the ratio of raw materials and components.mixing uniformity, sampling and so on.

horizontal ribbon5.The required power (make a reference for the technical characteristics of various types of mixer table).

horizontal ribbons6.Economy factors, including: equipment, installation, maintenance and operating costs.

horizontal ribbon

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