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You need know of the JCT horizontal ribbon blender machine operation in factory.

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-03-06 15:10:11

ribbon blender machine

As a reliable horizontal ribbon blender machine supplier and manufacturer,we\'re pleased to show you some point of horizontal ribbon blender machine operation. With multi-functional and high efficiency,horizontal ribbon blender machine can be mixed rapidly and safely.

ribbon machine

With the stirring shaft of the ribbon movement,JCT horizontal ribbon blender machine make the material through the inner ribbon.The inner ribbons turn material into action from both sides,so that the material is mixed back and forth, and the other material is driven by the ribbons and moved in the radial direction to form the convection circulation.

ribbon blender machine

The material of horizontal ribbon blender machine is quickly and uniformly mixed in a relatively short period of time.JCT horizontal ribbon blender machine consists of horizontal cylinder, inside and outside the two to three ribbons has a unique structure, smooth operation, reliable quality, low noise, long life, easy installation and maintenance, and a variety of agitator structure, versatile versatility Mixing equipment.

ribbon machine

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