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What should we pay attention to horizontal mixing blender operation?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 15:06:06

horizontal mixing

As for horizontal mixing blender operation, many operator will neglect some details when they operate with horizontal mixing blender, so it\'s necessary to pay attention to operation problems of horizontal mixing blender operation.JCT Machinery Co.,ltd is a professional horizontal mixing blender manufacturer,we can design the suitable horizontal mixing blender according to your request.

mixing blender

1.Before you operate the new horizontal mixing blender, you need to read instruction of mixer blender,check the system and components. Empty running,check the direction of rotation of the mixing tube or mixing blade,confirm the the operation of the working device, braking or not.

2.Fixed horizontal mixing blender should be installed on a solid pedestal. When horizontal mixing blender has been using for a long time,it should be buried anchor bolts; if short-term use, it can be laid at flat and stable base.

horizontal mixing

3.For mobile horizontal mixing blender should be installed on a flat and hard floor firmly with square wooden frame or bracket,and keep the tire balance.if the blender has used over 3 months,please remove the tire and do a good job on cleaning.

4.When you operate horizontal mixing blender,please do not fall into the gravel,to avoid the damage towards the moving parts.

If you wonder more details of horizontal mixing blender,please call me on my mobile: 008618028192312.

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